Financial shenanigans

Autor: Howard Shilit                                       Vydal: McGraw-Hill 2002

Výborná kniha o účetních manipulacích. Kniha je určena všem investorům, kteří se chtějí vyhnout společnostem, které používají agresivní nebo podvodné účetnictví. Autor této knize krok po kroku ukazuje možné účetní manipulace.


Financial Shenanigans, 2nd Edition, helps you fight fire with fire, giving you the state-of-the-art weapons you need to identify warnings of a company’s problems before earnings come out and the damage becomes irreversible. Detailing the seven fundamental tricksthat companies have used to fool auditors and investors for decades, yet providing updated information and techniques on how these shenanigans are being used in today’s technologically advanced, financially savvy investment world, this fast-paced book provides updated explanations of how anyone can uncover and sidestep:

Revenue tricks­­—Side agreements lacking economic substance, investment income listed as revenue, release of revenue improperly “held back” before a merger, and more

Expense traps­­—Shifting of current expenses to an earlier period, costs amortized too slowly, impaired assets not written down, and others

Liability scams­­—Failure to record expenses and their related obligations, creation of sham rebates, reducing liabilities by changing accounting assumptions, and more

Also included in this one-of-a-kind primer are recommendations of oversight committees charged with investigating questionable financial practices. Insights are provided into history’s most well-known and financially devastating frauds­­including the all-too-familiar warning signs behind this decade’s massive Enron debacle. Numerous checklists, graphs, tables, and an accounting tutorial appendix make in-depth explanations both clear and accessible, even for those with little or no background in accounting or financial analysis.

Though much has changed in today’s business world, dishonest company executives will still stretch and even hide the truth in their search for faster revenue growth, attractive balance sheets, and higher stock prices. Financial Shenanigans digs deep into both the age-old psychology and up-to-the-minute tactics of corporate greed, and provides a step-by-step procedure for looking into a company’s black-and-white financials to protect your investment­­while you still have an investment to protect.